Progressive Accounting in Calgary

Chrysalis Accounting was founded by an energetic, committed, tech savvy businesswoman Angie Norman.

Full-time owner, manager and hard working expert Angie has over 20 years of accounting experience. Through Chrysalis, she decided to offer a solution-based practice, providing flexible systems and services tailored to meet each client’s respective needs. Often described as “not a typical accountant”, she Angieis a forward-thinking business owner and true people-person. She just happens also to be extremely good at bookkeeping and accounting…

Angie  saw that there was a need for honest, tailored support for small- to medium-sized businesses. This gap existed in both accounting/bookkeeping and management consulting, so she decided to build a unique company… Her goal was to deliver exactly what each and every client needed, educating and empowering them, while being always on hand to help. Rather than ask to do more than may be necessary, she will teach her clients what she can, then take on as much as is required to make things work. Here at Chrysalis, they have built an amazing team of like-minded professionals committed to this strong, ethical mission.

Supporting the Local Community

The Chrysalis team’s passion for helping people extends beyond their immediate clientèle at Chrysalis Accounting and into the community. Angie and some of her staff are heavily involved with the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA). They support this organization through a program called “Bridging The Gap”, providing teaching and mentoring support.

Women who were accountants in their native countries who immigrate to Canada need to become familiar with the Canadian accounting system. Bridging The Gap provides them with the training and education they need to be able to work here. Once these women finish the program, there is a work placement component. Chrysalis is a main supporter of this program, meaning the new graduates get to gain valuable experience working alongside professionals with our team.

We Have Partnered With Companies That Allow You to Access Your Info Online

The trend of today’s business is cloud based. Accounting is no exception. At Chrysalis we are huge advocates of modern technology and software. Used correctly, modern systems can really make running a business easier and drive success. The best accounting and business management software companies continually update and improve their products. Chrysalis’ staff receive detailed, regular, thorough training, keeping us ahead of the pack. We then pass our knowledge along to our clients, so they can see how their business is working with more clarity than ever before.

Because we’re monitoring your numbers with you, we can offer sound advice. We’ll help you to see whether or not your current systems are giving you what your business needs. We can ascertain whether it’s costing too much, or whether you’re deriving all its possible benefits.


“I Love Business, Have a Passion for Bookkeeping and Accounting and Take Responsibility For My Own Success” – Angie

“I had always done bookkeeping on the side in school. Once I was finished my studies I realized there was a definite need and that I had something to offer. I saw it every day. One day I mustered the courage to take ‘the leap” and I’ve never looked back. I love what I do! I love the people I meet along the way!”


“As a Full Service Provider We Offer One Stop Shopping – We Aim To Give The Most Flexible and Most Efficient Service at the Same Time” – Jem

“We are a full solution provider, so we can give as little or as much help as you need. This is true for bookkeeping and for other areas of your business. If you just need someone to reconcile your bank account every month we can do that; we could do it once a year. If you need a whole new strategy, new software systems, marketing and sales guidance we can help. If you need your bills paid because you’re currently understaffed and aren’t able to do it, we can do that for you. Payroll, invoicing, hiring, firing… We’ll do whatever you need while guiding you to the most efficient way to keep going forward.”


“Now that we have the Business Solutions piece in place, I’m more proud than ever of what we offer” – Angie

“I only wanted to own my own job to begin with, but then ended up with a business. Along the way there has been so much to learn that I wish I’d understood better in the beginning. It makes me immensely proud and happy to help my clients achieve the growth that they want and then help see how to cope with it!”