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Legitimate (deductible) Business Expenses

What is a Business Expense? One of the most commonly asked questions by our clients is “what sort of things can I legitimately deduct as business expenses?”   The Canada Revenue Agency gives a very straightforward answer: Any reasonable current expense (cost) you paid or will have to pay to earn business income (revenue).   That […]

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Cloud Software has Many Advantages

Why online accounting software will be better for your company…   Here is a short list of just some of the benefits a business can discover through moving its books to the cloud:   User Friendliness Online accounting software has become increasingly easy to learn and use in day-to-day business operations. Once your account is […]

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Tax Tip Regarding Business Investment Losses…

Allowable Business Investment Loss     As a tax accountant, I get to enjoy conversations with people in which they’ll be completely honest with me. About money, at least… This makes me feel valued and honored – and that is itself one of the reasons I’ve always loved my job. The fact that I get […]

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Choosing a Modern Accounting System

What Does Modern Accounting Software Do? Probably a lot more than you think…     Choosing an accounting system for your organization is not easy. The available options are growing in number. With more and more sophisticated features and myriad add-ons built to integrate with accounting programs, they’re growing in function too. This is not […]

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Cloud Accounting… Get Off? Or Get On?

Cloudy, With the Chance of Profits Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud… So what is it? And What is all the fuss about?     Whether you are a lover or a hater of the web; if you’re a fan of new technology, or a pen-and-paper-loving technophobe, make no mistake – accounting (and […]

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Cloud Business Glossary

Chrysalis Web Glossary Internet speak can be confusing… Here are a selection of terms we seem to come across  often when discussing cloud-based solutions, websites and web-based businesses with our clients. We hope it’s complete enough for you!   Authority Authority in the online world typically refers to trusted sites within a market or niche. Ideally, […]

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Ethical and Successful… Both?!

To Be (Good), or Not To Be? Ethics, is the question…     If you want to be happy – and to succeed in the modern era of informed customers and well researched decisions – ethical business is the only way forward…   Before I began clambering up the corporate ladder, prior to holding any […]

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Landlord tax guide

Landlordship & Taxes Renting a space in your home or buying a rental property is almost certainly a good financial move. Market (or building!) collapses not withstanding – and provided due diligence is taken – property has always been one of the safest and best investments… As with most financial endeavors however, there are tax […]

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Sales Consultation – Commitment

***Free consultations currently available from Chrysalis Business Solutions***   What is Commitment? In many structured sales training and consultation manuals, we find the word ‘commitment’ referring to an essential ingredient or stage in the selling process. While delivering sales training to both new and experienced salespeople at one of the nation’s largest hearing aid dispensing company, […]

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Sales – Types of Objections

***Free consultations currently available from Chrysalis Business Solutions**   Types of Objection In this article we will begin look at the types of objection we come across. Using a contemporary, advanced selling method, we aim to deal with objections by pre-handling them. If you haven’t read our first article on the principle of pre-handling objections, then I […]

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