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Full cycle services, by highly qualified staff, ensuring your accounts are handled accurately and efficiently.
Professional Bookkeeping
Flexible. Accurate. Professional.
Tailored solutions to ensure your business runs as smoothly and profitably as possible. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Software For Small Businesses

Small Business Accounting, Bookkeeping, Software and Business Support in Calgary and throughout Canada

Accurate Accounting

Never Overpay CRA

Our professional accounting and tax accountant services make sure you never overpay the CRA. We analyze your business and personal portfolios, then develop strategies to legally minimize tax payments. We work with individuals, as well as small, medium and some larger organizations, ensuring that they are not only as tax-efficient as possible, but generally running their financial affairs in a lean and healthy way. The best accountants Calgary and anywhere else should all offer this.

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Bookkeeping in Calgary

Fast, Reliable Bookkeepers

Need a bookkeeper? With many years of professional bookkeeping experience, and expertise in the best available bookkeeping software, rest assured we can handle all your needs. Rather than just make sure our clients’ ledgers are correct, we offer modern tools to provide businesses with clearer, better financial information. Quite simply, we strive to help all our customers’ businesses run better than ever, earning our reputation as one of the best bookkeepers in Calgary, in Alberta, and further afield.

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Software Solutions

Secure Accounting Software

We offer tailored solutions for varying need of different Types of businesses, utilizing the best small business accounting software, bookkeeping software, cloud accounting, and business solutions. Our goal is to help all of our clients find the most cost-effective, simple and intuitive tools for their businesses. We make running your company easier, smarter, safer and less time consuming, so you can really enjoy life. The best software for small businesses makes us and our clients competitive.

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Chrysalis accounting Solutions is a loved, trusted, established, small (but growing) bookkeeping and accounting firm in Calgary, Alberta. We provide accounting services and bookkeeping services to businesses and individuals throughout Alberta and all of Canada. Additionally, we offer help, technical support, consultations and advice to sole proprietors and businesses on many related subjects: Small Business accounting Software, free personal accounting software, cloud accounting software, bookkeeping systems, tax issues, software for automation of business processes, software integration/APIs, regular reconciliation of transactions, rolling financial forecasting, business modelling, management consulting, outsourcing, web development, integrated marketing and much more. We operate within a network of trusted, respected professionals – so if we can’t find the answers you are looking for, we’ll happily point you toward those who can. We pride ourselves on being tech-smart and constantly evolving. We’re able to guide each of our clients to the best, most efficient and most appropriate methods, services and packages that suit their needs, so that they can grow increasingly efficient, productive and profitable. Get in touch with our Calgary bookkeeping team, our accounting solutions experts or our small business support people to see how we can help you. Or, to get more of an idea of what we’re about: Have a look at the helpful, insightful posts in our blog here. Or alternatively, please check out – and hopefully like – our Facebook page, and keep up to date with our posted articles there.

Just starting out, or unsure what kind of bookkeeping or accounting services you need? Want to learn more and work out how much you can do for yourself? Contact us with your questions or have a look at our FAQ page.

If you’re looking for a quick fix of tax-related information, you can read our article on deductible business expenses here.

“Since we moved our books over to Chrysalis – and from Quickbooks to Xero – I’ve really been able to live the dream of running my own business – and watch it becoming a profitable reality! I can easily check reports to see that my business is working efficiently and making money any time, from wherever I am. It means I’m more available to tend to our customers’ needs and deliver the best service possible… I get to enjoy trips away and still feel in control, it’s great! Being with Chrysalis, using Xero costs less than our old system did but gives me way more.” – Simon Stuart, Owner of Line King Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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