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Accounting-business-consultingOur company exists to help small businesses grow, and to help businesses of all sizes run more efficiently. Helping our clients in ways beyond providing or facilitating the operation of efficient bookkeeping accounting systems is most often not a complete solution that helps us achieve our aims. For this reason, we launched our Business Solutions department to offer whatever complementary services are needed – or to source the best available from third party providers.

We look at each case in detail to ascertain what, if any products or processes might offer additional value, then, if solutions are required, we integrate every piece of software and accompanying processes with our clients’ bookkeeping and accounting systems, so that real benefits can be realized, measured, and improved constantly.

After we conduct our thorough initial business assessment, we will make recommendations for next steps only if we are certain they will help you MAKE MORE MONEY. Essentially, we believe no company is too small to benefit tremendously from advanced business principles; it is our goal to help all of our customers achieve their maximum business potential.

We possess, or have access to expertise in the fields of:

Sales and Marketing:

• Market research

• Integrated marketing, prospecting and sales strategy design

• Measurement tools

• Website design and continuous optimization, with ongoing performance reporting

• Prospecting planning and outbound calling services

• Advanced contemporary sales training in consultative selling techniques

• Product-specific Sales consultation design


Strategic Management:

• Business modelling and planning using various modern approaches and tools

• Company and enterprise opportunity analysis

• Leadership strategy including quantifying/maximizing staff morale/buy-in

• Time and resource valuation and management


Balancing the Books:

• Bookkeeping/accounting advice and services

• Valuation of both tangible and intangible assets

• Budgeting guidance; profit and loss monitoring

• Costs analysis (telecom, insurance property tax, accounting, freight etc.)


Product, Process and Quality Management:

• Analysis and ongoing measurement of efficiency

• Streamlining and Resource allocation advice

**Software and systems consulting and advice


Change Management:

• Planning

• Communications consultation and design services

• Forecasting and investment advice

• Franchising services across Canada and United States


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**All of our recommended software solutions are designed to be fully integrated with our recommended bookkeeping software, enabling us to create totally fluid systems for all aspects of business management and workflow, from lead capture through to automatic invoicing (and even automatic invoice chasing!)