Login to Chrysalis Secure server via the link we will either send you or you can sign up via our website Secure Log In

What you do:

In that link, here will be a few forms in there that you will be obligated to complete.  These forms will need to be completed.


  • T1013 which gives us consent to act on your behalf with Canada Revenue Agency. You need to populate this form with your social insurance number, full legal name, sign and date
  • A 2016 Tax Organizer (Client Questionnaire) – complete with all pertinent information


Once you receive them, upload your tax slips to the same secure server link

After all slips have been uploaded and you are ready for us to prepare your tax return, let us know via email that your information is complete and ready to go.

All files in the Client Portal are encrypted and secure for your security.

We will then prepare your tax return and put a draft back in your secure client folder for your review.  When you agree with the return, let us know.  We will then require the engagement letter to be signed and sent back to us, along with the T183 form, and payment.  Once we have received your completed forms and payment we will efile the return on your behalf with Canada Revenue Agency and send you back confirmation of the filing.


For pricing on all  tax returns (eg: Rental Properties, Investments, Corporate Returns, Sole Proprietorships, personal tax returns) – please call Angie or Travis at our office at 587-287-4148 or email